mardi 29 juin 2021

car WARG by 777 motors

Car "WARG"

For this new edition of June 2021 of "Men Only Monthly" event, 777 Motors has released a big model and presents its 4x4 off-road vehicle "WARG".
A vehicle equipped with wide tires for driving on all types of terrain. From the flattest to the most rugged.

 With its very characteristic design and well-known bodywork, this vehicle will not leave you indifferent.
Customizable, choose yourself the color of its body, roof and rims for the outside part.
For the interior part, opt for the colors you prefer to dress the seats and the dashboard.
Do not hesitate to open the doors, the trunk or the hood and discover the astonishing realism of the engine, the dashboard and the finishes of this vehicle.
Drivable, this car is full of options for driving but also poses for the driver and the passenger.
Little more, an easy to use drink dispenser.

Enjoy your vehicle and have a lot of fun driving it.

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