dimanche 11 juillet 2021

BB-One animesh companion by Fallen NewYork Design

   BB-One Animesh Companion

BB-One is the first animesh companion done by "FALLEN NEW YORK DESIGN".
More that just a robot, he will follow you everywhere you go.
His name is "BB-One" but you can call him as you want by changing his name thanks to the pop-up menu you get by clicking on him.
As seeing this first companion done by "FALLEN NEW YORK DESIGN" , we could think it's not at all the first one so he is well done with a woonderful moving animation.

Do you want just have him at home ? No problem. rez him and he will wander randomly around the place. Always curious, he will look in all direction and make your place alive.

Anyway an whatever your search,
"FALLEN NEW YORK DESIGN" is able to help you.
Adopt him and you will have fun to look at him following you whatever you do. ....

AN EXCLUSIVITY for  CHRONICLES & LEGENDS Event from July 10th to July 31th