jeudi 29 avril 2021

Riri Outfit by Horntail


 RIRI Outfit




Riri Outfit is a complet set that contain Skirt, Gloves, bikini, Scarf, Collar, Hi tools and Pin.
That outif is avaliable in several colors for Maitreya only
Red, Black, Pink, White, Rosegold and Silver.

Maitreya RIRI Outfit by HORNTAIL


- - -

 Mesh Body : Lara by MAITREYA
Mesh Head : Catya by CATWA
Hair : Arizu by AYASHI
Boots : Kiri by EMPIRE


dimanche 25 avril 2021

ARALEUS Outfit by Petrichor



 ARALEUS Outfit & Arms


ARALEUS Outfit and ARALEUS Arms are just a part of the ARALEUS set that contains also Legs, Satchel, Crystals aureolas, 2 different Orbs, Halo, Staff, Sword, Wands and Wings.
In short, all is needed to make an amazing complete outfit.
Each part is customizable with HUDs and the outfit allow to remove some part of it.
Those outfit and props are already avaliable at Fantasy Fair until May 9th 2021.
VIEW of the complete ARALEUS Set by PETRICHOR

Body : Maitreya Lara
Head : Catwa hean HDPR Queen
Ears : Uni Ears [V2] - Soul
Skin : [G3] Jalyn [F-6]musc - BOM - Soul
Eyes : Hylina Mer Eye - Petrichor
Nails : Luxe Nails Mercure - Ysoral
Earrings : Gold Earrings - Modern Nostalgia
Necklace : Sand & Gold - Eudora3D 
Hair : Arizu Hair - Ayashi
Boots : Timeless Weathered Suede Over the Knee Boots - Arwen's Creations
Bow : Elite Elven Bow - AW Creations
Camp fire Awesome fire - Nerenzo
Wolves: Grey wolf collection - Jian
Advanced Summer Cliffs Set - Fundati
 Skye Scots Pine Forest - Studio Skye

vendredi 23 avril 2021

Car MIA by 777 Motors

An amazing Car done by 777 Motors
Realistic sounds
Customizable license plate
Openable Doors, Hood & trunk
Detailed engine
Poses & animations for Driver and passenger
Redirect system
Additional roof ON/OFF
Color options with 40+ presets
A sexy TOP done by eXxEsS
TOP No. 2
14 Colors with pattern + 14 plain Colors
100% Original Mesn and Textures
Rigged for Maitreya Lara, Maitreya Petite, Slink Hourglass, Inithium Kupra
A beautiful pair of Sandals done by |KC|Couture
Caty Wedges
40 Colors on 4 surfaces
8 Wedge Colors
Fits for Maitrea, Belleza, Slink, Meshproject (Classic) and Legacy

mardi 20 avril 2021

ABRIL Jumpsuit & CHARM Pumps

 ABRIL Jumpsuit                CHARM Pumps

by                                                                                                 by

TREND                                          KC|Couture

Two wonderful Articles from two brands for two Event.

Both are customizable by HUD color.
The first one is the beautiful "Abril" Jumpsuit done by TREND for "Très Chic" EVENT.
A Latex outfit that stick at the skin that make girls as sexy as it's possible.
Fit good on Maitreya Lara & Petite, Legacy and Perky with a 30 colors HUD.

The second article is that sexy pair of pumps called "CHARM" and designed by KC|Couture for "Inithium" EVENT.
Customizable as you wish with it's 50 Colors HUD on 5 different parts.
Thoses shoes fit on Belleza, Kupra, Legacy, Lovemomma, Slink and Maitreya.

KC|Couture LINKS
Body : MAITREYA Lara
Head : CATWA HDPRO Queen
Eyes : Hylina HYLINA MER by Petrichor
Hairs : CYBER by Fabia
Nails : MANON by Ysoral
Bindi : JOY by Ysoral
Earrings : MIRIAM by Real Evil
Nose Piercing : LOAN by Ysoral
Necklace : METAL-PLT 05 by Ryca
Bracelets : AURORA by Real Evil
Rings : KIM by Ysoral
Body Tattoo : MODI LOVE by arabic tattoos
Face Tattoo : SINA by Ghost'Ink

dimanche 18 avril 2021

BENNY car by 777 Motors

 "BENNY" car

777 Motors
777 MOTORS is happy to make us discover its new car called "BENNY".
It's a superb vehicule in old fashion style with its with its retracted roof to make it a superb convertibl.
Very well made and detailled, it's possible to open the doors and hoods to show an amazing motor.
Drivable, it's possible to customize it thanks to the pop up menu that's open as soon as we clic on the car.
Change the main color as you wish but also the seats, the dashboard, the rims or the Folded roof.
Included, poses for the driver and the passengers.

Vendor's pic by 777 MOTORS                                                     

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


samedi 17 avril 2021

Horns Geit Geode by Soul


 Horns GEIT : Geode


Discrete and sexy, thoses little horns will make your dreams reality.
Horns w/Materials
18 Skin Textures + BoM + Tinting (Can also be hidden)
24 Gradient + 16 Plain Textures per HUD

4 HUDs included in FATPACK.

Each HUD sold separately in-world.

Body : Maitreya Lara
Head : Catwa Catya
Ears : Uni Ears [V2] - Soul
Eyes : Sovereign Eyes Ice - Ikon
Wings : White B-Wings (Bento) - Bare Rose
Nails : Claws XXL - Formanails

Earrings : Gold Earrings - Modern Nostalgia
Necklace : Sand & Gold - Eudora3D 
Face piercings : Maverick Piercing - Blaxium
Tongue : Snake Tongue V3.0.01 - DaeSigns

SKATE Set by B-Made





B-MADE is a monster of creativity and a veritable factory to produce magnificent elements of decors, whether interactive or not. For the UBER event, B-MADE has specially created a set of ramps for the creation of a skate park. About ten different elements that allow you to create a personalized park. Supplied with the set, a Skateboard with animation
 B-MADE est un monstre de créativité et une véritable usine à produire de magnifiques éléments de décors interactifs ou non.
Pour l'évènement UBER, B-MADE a spécialement créer un ensemble de rampes pour la création d'un Skate parc.
Une dizaine d'éléments différents qui permettent de créer un parc personnalisé.
Fournit avec le set, un Skateboard avec animation.

 UBER (from April 19th 2021)


jeudi 15 avril 2021

Darkling Vys Gacha by Petrichor


An amazing set to make a wonderful Outfit
Try your luck at the EPIPHANY Event
Petrichor surpasses himself from achievement to achievement and once again offers a complete and superb outfit accompanied by several accessories. Fully customizable using Hud's, this outfit is available for Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy Perky and V-tech mesh bodies
Petrichor se surpasse de réalisation en réalisation et propose une nouvelle fois une complète et superbe tenue accompagnée de plusieurs accessoirs.
Entièrement personnalisable à l'aide de Hud's, cette tenue est disponible pour les corps mesh Belleza Freya, Slink Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy Perky et V-tech

dimanche 11 avril 2021

Sleeping Puppy on Bike

Sleeping Puppy


 STORM RAIDER V1.11 - Gray Camo


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

TOP : Groupgift 20 by Erratic
HAIR : Vlada Hair by {Limerence}
TATTOO : Warrior by Vegas Tattoo
PUPPY : Pupper Love Mug (Group gif) by JIAN
BUILD : Xaviera Villa by Trompe Loeil
WATERFALL : Island 3 by KatoYouji
PALM : Coco Palms-Groves-Mixed-p12 by Heart Trees Flowers Plants


 KAELA Outfit



Maitreya KAELA Outfit by HORNTAIL

- - -
Builds : Beverly Hills Collection / Abandonned Motel / The Twin Peaks Collection by MAYA'S ARCHITECTURE
Trees : Young linden by YUGEN
Car : Police Interceptor by AMARIAH FRANCIS
Ducks : Pekin Duck Collection by JIAN
 Mesh Body : Lara by MAITREYA
Mesh Head :HDPro Queen by CATWA
Street lamps : The Lantern by MAYA'S ARCHITECTURE
Road : Street Kit by WeArHOuSE


Maitreya KAELA Outfit by HORNTAIL

Backdrop : C90 Barrio by THE BEARDED GUY
 Mesh Body : Lara by MAITREYA
Mesh Head :HDPro Queen by CATWA